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O2TRAVEL not working in Canada

Arriving in Canada I got a text from O2 saying ‘Welcome to Canada’ and offering O2 travel at £4.99 a day. I accepted.
A week later and nothing is working. I have 5 bars of signal on the Bell network and 3G but my phone will not work without WiFi.
We’ve tried all the usual stuff - switching it off and on again. Turning mobile roaming off and on again etc. Even my kids have tried to sort it. Nothing. Trying to contact O2 to fix it has also proved impossible. Seems I’m paying £4.99 a day for nothing. Help! Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Re: O2TRAVEL not working in Canada


You could try searching for another network and see if that helps. It often fixes the issue

Otherwise calling O2 customer services again and getting someone who knows what they are doing is your only hope.

Many like you have had problems with O2 travel particularly in the US and Canada this year. I know there is a time difference but 8am UK time is the best time to call. https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Free number when abroad if on contract

From abroad+44 3448090202Free†

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Re: O2TRAVEL not working in Canada

@b12banditJust to add, if you are only using WiFi at present, then you won't be charged £4.99 a day. (if you make sure mobile data/ data roaming is switched off

If the issue isn't resolved then you need to ring O2 on your return and ask for a refund as you paid for a service they failed to provide

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: O2TRAVEL not working in Canada

Ify you have an iphone try going into network settings ad change the APN to mobile.o2.co.uk. If that's not the problem then you will have to contact customer service to make sure ther are no roaming bars on the account.

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Re: O2TRAVEL not working in Canada

Hi @b12bandit, I was wondering if you had made any progress with this since you last posted slight smile Is it all sorted now or do you need some more help?


Enjoy your time in Canada! snowflake

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