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O2 have ruined my credit rating and it’s their error!!!!!

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To say I am fuming with o2 is an understatement!!!!

June 2018, I took out a mobile phone contract I was then upsold a tablet but was given incorrect advice (as later found out!)

I fully paid off and cancelled the tablet device and air plan (which was around £15 for both) in December 2017. I double, triple and quadruple checked with them that all had been paid and that I was not going to get a nasty surprise. I was assured that everything had been sorted and no nasty surprises were going to happen and the account had been terminated and closed.

I asked them to send this in writing, but they couldn’t for some pathetic reason. That in itself is ludicrous.

On Friday (01/06/2018) I received a letter from a debt collection agency telling me I owed £165 (£145 to O2 and £20 admin fee). I checked my credit rating and it showed 2 late payments for April and May!!!!

I called o2 & they said oh we can see you cancelled it but we don’t understand why this is happening!!! So they put a credit on my account so the next payment doesn’t show as another late payment. I asked them to take it off my file which she said couldn’t happen until the payment cycle had finished and would take a while. I explained that I was in middle of a mortgage process and this would hugely affect me in getting that mortgage!!!!! So I asked if she could just email the outlines to me so I could show the mortgage provider that this is not due to me making late payments. She said yes of course.

By the following Wednesday, I had still not received an email. I called o2 again. This time I was told that nothing could be emailed and I would have to send an email to ask for the transcript, which could take 40 days. 40 days!!!! I don’t have 40 days. I was then given the email address for the credit referral team to ask for these late payments to be taken off my account. I’ve promtly wrote to them only to have the email returned!!!!! Seriously!!!!! (And no, I haven’t typed it incorrectly)

I asked again why this had happened. Apparently they couldn’t understand why and could only surmise that when I terminated my contract the colleague pressed upgrade to sim rather than close the account!!!! Great thanks for that o2 and thanks for failing to communicate any such thing to me so I could have queried it a couple of months ago to stop it getting this far.

I am beyond annoyed. This is o2’s massive error due to their inadequacies which could cost me and my family the mortgage on a house and they can’t do anything about it immediately. How can this be allowed to happen??? They should be able to take these late payments off my file straight away and give a months free on my phone contract, not just pass it off as nothing and expect me to do all the running around.

This company is a joke. A disgusting way to treat its customers. I have been wth o2 for about 10 years!!!! I would love to cancel my phone contract, but sadly, I don’t trust that they are able to terminate the contract properly.

It also seems I am not the only person this has happened too after reading a number of comments & doing a bit of digging. Surely this should be reported to Watchdog as this is simoly not fair. Why should I have my mortgage jeopardised for their massive error. They should have a timescale in which they have to have it sorted by eg 7 days at most!!!

I hate how these large corporates think they can treat customers however they want with no repercussions. As long as they have your money, in their eyes it doesn’t matter how they treAt you.

O2 you are a disgrace.

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@Ginag_81 Sorry to hear of your troubles, but this is an O2 customer to customer community. You're not speaking to O2 directly here. If you want to lodge a complaint, please take a look at this link:


Many people also find they get good results by using the Resolver site:


Hope this is of some help to you. Good luck. 


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I’ll tag @Martin-O2 @Marjo @EmilieT to step in here to help. 

No amount of you making complaints is going to move them any quicker so it needs someone to actually manage this issue for you. 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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This is beyond appalling as well as being the 2nd case in a year where O2's 'mistake' has come close to costing someone a mortgage. Evil

I hope our Admin team act quickly on this.

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Yeah I always wondered about the telecom industry's collective collection's departments trigger happy penchant for firing off credit rating defaults like a drunken sheriff in a bar room brawl.

Bad enough pre- 2008, but these day hugely and disproportionately detrimental to people's lives, considering the usually trivial sums of money involved. Especially when you consider that Telefonica payables will be taking a rather more relaxed and laid back approach to paying debts of to it's own suppliers...


You can imagine the two departments side by side.

In one you have people dressed in beach wear, sat around on deck chairs ,  maybe by a pool, drinking cocktails and taking the occasional phone call from desperate small & even medium businesses who are often O2 customers in their own right- whose credit lines are creaking to breaking and are owed hundreds of thousands of even millions by O2.....

'Relax man, it'll be paid at some point, next payment run, or maybe the one after '~~ slurrrppp~~ ' what's that you say? ' 'not pay your bills to us???' ' Well it's your choice amigo but they''ll just cut you off, our receivables are a law unto themselves'....and as for issuing winding up orders? Life's to short man... Sit down pull up a deckchair let's take it easy and relaxxxxx.'


Quite a different story over in receivables/collections.... dead eyed robotic 1984 esq  semi militaristic rows and rows of desks with everyone in tight fitting dress uniform... Phone call are answered instantaneously, and are made unstintingly.  Overseers are marching around whipping the tables with loud~~~ thaaaaawwwwaks ~~~~

''Nine.. you  MUST Pay VVAATT you OWE US da? You MUST pay!! WE Vill give you a blacken mark UND CUTTTT YOU OFF. YOO MUST PAY, MUST PAY, MUST PAY....."

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@Ginag_81 wrote:

I asked again why this had happened. Apparently they couldn’t understand why and could only surmise that when I terminated my contract the colleague pressed upgrade to sim rather than close the account!!!! 

This should be a lesson to everyone - the only reliable way of closing any sort of pay monthly account is to port the number to another operator. It's worth the fiver to get a paygo SIM to recievce it.  As not even O2 can bill you for a number that now belongs to Vodafone......Usually.

Also never never never cancel the Direct Debit linked to the account, far easier to reclaim funds taken in error than to clear up the mess made by O2 incompetence.


The worst example of collection's departments intransigence was an Amex debacle I was involved with.

Ex employee had been issued with a company backed amex (joint and several) with a personal to him number, backed up by the company but with bills to his home address details in case he ever did a runner with it.

He left moved away, and the account was ''closed' -

Three years later someone in the massive BAE organisation who had an amex card that was 1 digit different ordered a part using the first guys number.. part arrived and they were none the wiser.

No one paid the first guy's bill as no one even knew there was a bill, as it had been sent to the address on file and never fowarded. A year later Amex track him down and set the dogs say the guy was unhappy was an understatement. Amex collections considered  view was that we should be taking it up with BAE...

It took me assuring the amex  global account manager that all relaltionships between our two organisations would cease, oveenight unless she took personal responsibility for resolving it to the guy's satisfaction.

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Thank you @Bambino I appreciate this is an O2 customer to customer community and I am not speaking directly to O2, but I think the community should be fully aware of their unfair "mishaps" which they do not give two s**ts. I will take a look at the line, however I imagine it would just be completely ignored anyway!

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Thank you
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I know it is terrible and the fact they do not sort it immediately or even care that it may cost us our mortgage through no fault of my own makes it even more disgusting.
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If you could give me the correct email address for CRT that would be great. As I was given but this has bounced back to me. Thanks
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