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O2 Travel

I just wanted to warn other O2 users about using O2 Travel. If you do not have access to wi-fi this is a great bolt on as you can call, send and receive texts and download data for £1.66 per day. I do have wi-fi (I'm currently in France) and so make my calls via whatsapp. I have sent a couple of text messages and I hadn't realised that as soon as I sent a text message it automatically turns on O2 Travel - so my text message then costs me £1.66 instead of 1p per minute, which is my basic roaming charge. Phone calls to another mobile or landline are 3.6p per minute. So think carefully if O2 Travel is the most cost-effective way for you to use your phone abroad. I genuinely didn't know that this happened and if I didn't - maybe you don't either.


I rang O2 this morning and in their defence they have credited me with £10 - but I have spent over £21 on 13 text message that would have cost about 15p and I know the same happened last month too.


So make sure you are O2 Travel savvy !!

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Re: O2 Travel

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O2 Travel changes came in to effect in April of this year. The text you arrived when you landed abroad would have given all the info @Anonymous

If you use O2 travel you will be charged £1.99 a day for data texts and calls. If you send one text you will be charged £1.99.



If you don't want to use O2 travel then make sure mobile data is turned off at all times and just use wifi for connecting to data....

I go to Spain frequently and I have a very minimal bill..by using Wifi and Tu for calls and texts http://www.o2.co.uk/apps/tu-go

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Re: O2 Travel

As said, many threads on this already and common knowledge to the community.
If you had asked here first we would have explained it to you.
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