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O2 Repair Service - Unacceptable and not helpful - S20 Ultra White Screen

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I am having an issue with my S20 Ultra which has been sent off for repair twice now to O2's designated service centre "Ingram".

I have been asked to contact o2 on 6 separate occasions now to explain the issue, which I have done, in detail.

To be honest it is not a hard issue to explain, the screen is completely white for the entire time it is turned on, except for when charging, at which point it is completely green for the entire time it is turned on.

The Issue was previously a little bit intermittent, however before sending the device to them the second time the issue became permanent, and I cannot believe they cannot see evidence of it happening.

However to be sure of this fact, when I sent it to the the last time, I wrapped the phone in a piece of paper with a link to a youtube video that I used to demonstrate the issue, the link is here:

What I am most annoyed about is the supposed "repair" that was actioned the last time, where, after a lot of asking for confirmation, as no one wanted to give me details, I was advised "we repaired the charging port", which was neither broken, nor reported as an issue.

The other incredibly annoying thing about this is this seems to be a known issue with these devices at present, there is a link here a the Samsung forums with a lot of people complaining about the same issue:

I am getting the impression at this point that O2 and Samsung are putting up a front to ignore this issue, it seems to be backed up by what I am seeing with the repair centre, and through Samsung themselves, however I am still just over a year away from having this device payed off, and expect a fully functioning phone, as I will have essentially payed a full £1200 for this device once the device part of the contract has been payed off.

I am also rather annoyed that working in tech and very much being able to interpret any "technical" data that can be gleamed from diagnostics, both o2 and Ingram are refusing to provide this.

Please can anyone give me any advise about similar experiences, whether with getting an actual repair actioned by O2, or if you are seeing similar issues with a s20 series Samsung devices at present.

All I really want is the phone I pay for and use everyday to work, and to not be mislead by service personnel.


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When I sent my phone in for repair once, they rooted my handset.  Then sent it back to me unrepaired saying I should purchase a new one .


Two days later after I calmed down being presented with an argument it was against the engineers right in accordance to the DPA to show proof.


Going into bootloader mode did reveal the ROM was altered. Although not by me. Anyway I managed to do a force reset and fixed the phone myself.   It turns out there was an overheating issue with the handset.


I would contact the repair company for direct answers if you can.


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Personally I would deal with Samsung directly


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