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O2/DPD Nightmare with Code/Delivery

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First post here, but have been with O2 for 20 ish years although currently very close to leaving, as I'm at my wits end with O2 customer service. Long story short I upgraded my phone about 3 weeks ago as it broke. I was sent the new one with no delivery issues. I then decided to send it back within the 14 day change mind period as it was getting really hot using it for 10 mins.


Last Friday I ordered the new one by ringing O2 from my mum's phone and it arrived Monday but the driver couldn't give it to me as I didn't have a code. He was from DPD and said I had to sort it with O2. Well that has been a total nightmare as I don't have a phone to ring them and every time I tried logging onto app I couldn't get past security as they send the code to your phone which I don't have.


Found an old hand set so could receive code to get on app. Have spent the last 3 hours on online chat to an agent. He has now told me the code for delivery is nothing to do with them and I should get it from DPD, I had nothing at all from DPD when they attempted delivery and told me it was O2's problem. I received confirmation of my contract from O2 by email but no code.


The phone they tried to deliver on Monday is now on its way back to O2 (they never attempted to re deliver the next day despite saying they would) and O2 are now saying I have to wait for them to receive the device, update it and then send me a replacement.


I have been bed bound 8 years due to chronic illness and I am really struggling without a phone. 


I fear I'm going to have the same problem when they send the replacement as DPD say the code comes from O2 and O2 are saying it is from DPD.  


I just don't know who to believe and now have to wait who knows how long for a phone and to potentially go through all this again.


I'm also paying for a contract which I'm not using as don't have the device.


Can anyone relate, help please?





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Take a read of this, @Vix_84

And O2 via Social Media is the most intelligent way of getting through this logjam, info at the link just below for Twitter/X, FB messenger and Instagram. Good luck!

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Thank you, this is very helpful.

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