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Having a bit of a frustrating time. We originally had 2 contracts, both under my partners name but one phone was mine. We went into store on Saturday and changed contracts so we are all under the family plan including our children.  As my phone was originally a different contract the number has to be ported to the new contract. 

We were told we could do this over the phone and it would be a roomed quickly. Unfortunately, there’s a 2 hour wait to even get through to someone. We tried to complete the online form but it failed, we did t have complete info on there. We’ve been told to ask in store but they’ve essentially said to call o2. 

is there any other way of getting in contact?  Neither of us have the time to waste 2 hours on a call (and the threat of the call dropping after waiting all that time!). 

getting so frustrated!

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Hi there @Lilo-767! Have you managed to get this sorted?

If not, you can find numbers to call O2 customer service here, best time to call is usually 8am. Hope this helps slight_smile

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