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Not getting excess charges in USA

I turn my data roaming OFF when I go to the USA and only use WIFI but I always seem to get extra charges. I never understand how this can happen but how can I stop this from happening next time?  HELP.  I know O2 says pay £5 per day for overseas access but this adds up!  

Thank you for your advice and expertise.


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Re: Not getting excess charges in USA

@Whitefish8 Simplest way to do it is to take your O2 sim out of the phone and keep it in a safe place. If you keep your sim in the phone you need to disable mobile data completely, not just data roaming. You can also put your phone into airplane mode and still use WiFi.


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Re: Not getting excess charges in USA


Turn off data completely, not just roaming and if only using wifi, put phone in airplane mode.

Remember too, that received calls will also trigger the daily charge so airplane mode will prevent that happening too.

Guide: Roaming MegaGuide 

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Re: Not getting excess charges in USA

Also don't turn phone on or off or flight mode on off as that can cause cost aswel
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Re: Not getting excess charges in USA

If you have an iPhone then turning the phone off/on will cause it to re-register for iMessages which have caused charges previously as well!

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Re: Not getting excess charges in USA

Plenty of great advice in this thread so far @Whitefish8. Give us a shout if you need any further suggestions or if you have problems with roaming charges again in future. wink

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