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Keep getting charged and cant cancel

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I cancelled my 2 phone lines which were 30 day rolling contracts back in april, i cancelled them because the signal wasnt good in my area. I cancelled them within the 14 day period by calling the call centre and spending about 50 minutes on the phone but eventually they said they were cancelled. I thought nothing would come off my next bill but suprisingly ive now paid 2 x £21 for april, 2 x £21 for may and 2 x £21 for june now, so a total of £126 for a serivce i cancelled and dont want or use, ive never even activated the SIM. 


Back on the 22nd of May i also raised a complaint about the cancellation not going through, but ive heard nothing from that. I then lodged another complaint through resolver 2 weeks ago but same again, ive heard nothing.


What can i do now? i dont want to cancel the direct debit as no doubt ill get a bad credit marker. Also i dont use social media. 

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Official complaints are running at around 8 weeks to get a reply.

After that time you can escalate it to the Communications Ombudsman.

You can call Communications Ombudsman on 0330 440 1614 or write to them at:


Communications Ombudsman

PO Box 730



This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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OK thanks for the info, maybe they should put that in their email response instead of saying 7 days which both email responses said. Is there any other way i can cancel, the website suggests i can do it on "myo2" but i dont see a cancel button. 

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This will help you @greengary81 :-


Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 


You might have issues getting anyone from O2 to engage with you whilst you have an open complaint on your record. But you need to persevere with O2. Unfortunately, this is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account of offer other direct help. .


I suggest that you message O2 on social media :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


The social media team are based in the UK and have a strong reputation for solving problems. 


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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