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New Tablet Refresh Order Issues

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So, I decided last week to treat myself to a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 on a Refresh Tariff.


1st problem was I ordered Thursday Evening and paid extra for a Saturday delivery to my home. Of course UKMail had some sort of delay which meant they failed to deliver and I had to phone up to chase the delivery.


O2 Customer Service have rearranged the delivery to come to my work tomorrow and refunded me £10 for the hassle so that's all good (unless UKMail mess up again but fingers crossed they don't).


2nd problem - I have an O2 Open discount so already applied it to my existing pay monthly phone but as you should be able to get 1 discount for a Phone Refresh Tariff and 1 discount for a Tablet Refresh Tariff, I thought I could add the 40% discount to the new tariff as it was a tablet.


I found that logging into O2 Open it listed the new tablet under the phone section under my existing phone number and not in the tablet section so as I already had an O2 Open discount on my phone it wouldn't let me add a discount to the tablet.


I've phoned O2 Customer Service and they said they've added the discount to the tablet but it would take 3 working days to apply so just waiting to see if it's sorted but not 100% sure it's worked as the tablet still appears in the wrong section in O2 Open, frustrating as currently it's a waiting game before I know whether I need to phone them back.


This is the first time I've ordered a Tablet on a O2 Refresh contract so I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or if it's just my bad luck Banana


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@Marjo wrote:

Thanks for the update @CJ_Blue, hopefully it will all go well now but do let us know if you get stuck and we can see if we can help in some way on our end. slight_smile

Thanks @Marjo ,


Quick update, I just phoned on my lunch break, 1st rep I got through to was no help, didn't seem to understand the problem so I politely said ok thanks and phoned back.


2nd time the Rep was much better and understood the problem however she wasn't able to help as somehow O2's system sees the new tablet as a phone and just refuses to allow the discount added as it rightly says "you've already added a discount to one of your phones".


They've filled out an escalation form for the issue and I should hear back within 24hrs.


Seems like I should be able to get the Open discount on the tablet but theres some problem with the system.


I'll have to wait and see but no further forward yet slight_frown


May yet need your help, think my luck was out this time as I've had no problems before with phone ordering and O2 Open with O2.....

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Coming up to 48 hrs with no response to an escalation and no further forward so looking like yet another call to CS and having to explain the issue all over again 😞 I can see why people get annoyed with Customer Service sometimes.


I could be that the tariff I picked isn't compatible with O2 Open but everytime you phone CS you get totally different responses depending on who you speak to. Think O2 need to look at their CS Training.


There were tariffs for existing O2 Customers with 20% off for tablets but I didnt take one of those as I wanted to get the O2 Open discount - feeling like I should have gone for that instead of wasting nearly over a week with O2 Open.

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Hi @CJ_Blue,

Did you end up hearing back yet from the escalation? I've just dropped you a private message here on the forum just in case!

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Just a quick update to say I got the airtime discount sorted for the tablet - got a Family-Plan Airtime discount but it was all down to the help I got from @Marjo and the O2 Guru that got in touch and sorted it out for me.


Thanks! for all the help, it was very much appreciated!

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Family plan was as I said at the beginning but it's a pity that the community has to get involved to do the job of customer services.
We aren't recognised enough for the help we give on here !
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