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Re: Issues with huawei P20

According to Huawei's own website and our understanding, the Google/Huawei issues won't impact the experience for customers using devices like the P20 (ie, devices that were released prior to the 'incident'). With the issues you've described, this isn't an expected experience and isn't something that should be happening at all, Google licensing issues aside.

I'm really sorry about the experience you've had with this so far. From O2's side, if you are out of your warranty period then you could consider arranging an O2 Guru appointment in one of our stores where a Guru will see if they can resolve it, though it's possible the only real thing they could suggest would be to perform a factory reset as it does sound like the device has developed some major issues - which could all be software / OS based rather than the phone / hardware itself.

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Re: Issues with huawei P20

Thanks for that. I'll need to consider my options
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Re: Issues with huawei P20

Thanks @Chris_K thumbsup

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