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Huawei p20 pro

I've had my phone since last November and love it, however, will all these problems with Google affect me, if so would O2 offer me a different phone or will I be stuck with a phone that won't work properly, many thanks
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Re: Huawei p20 pro

At this stage there is no way to tell what the impact will be, but for all current devices you will still be able to access the play store, and any AOSP (Android Open Source Platform) updates.

If the worse comes to the worse then the responsibility will fall on Huawei and Google for what happens, i very much doubt anyone will offer you a different phone, as this falls outside of o2's responsibility, so i would take it up with Huawei and Google
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Re: Huawei p20 pro

No chance at all of O2 offering you anything else unless the direction comes from Huawei.
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Re: Huawei p20 pro

You could try lobbying your local MP with Huawei and the government wanting to put their kit in the 5G mast infrastructure,