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How do i cancel my contract?

I've been in my o2 contract for 24 or 25 months now and i have a different sim with o2. I still have my other one running and i am continuingly being charge for it even though i thought it would just automatically end. How do i fully cancel it? I cancelled the direct debit with the bank although when the payment time date came it said i had to pay it otherwise i'd receive a late payment fee and now says my next payment is on the 9th of May. Starting think this is a joke as i was told it would just stop. Please help??

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Re: How do i cancel my contract?

Help here on cancelling and yes, your contract will continue on a rolling monthly basis until you do cancel @Max1
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Re: How do i cancel my contract?

It was a wise move to pay the bill. Just give 30 days notice by calling 202.

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Re: How do i cancel my contract?

No mobile phone contract automatically ends, for obvious reasons..

Cancelling the direct debit was the worst thing you could have done.

Also i would pay the outstanding bills otherwise o2 will lodge a default against you with the credit reference agencies and if need be will pass it to a debt collection agency.
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