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How can I tell if my ‘leave request’ was ever confirmed?!

Hi, apologies if this has already been asked or if it’s a stupid question, I’m not the best at technology Smiley Happy

I contacted o2 on the 26.10.20 and said I’d like to switch to another network (I paid off my contract some months ago). I had a confusing conversation with the lady on the other end and didn’t get much clarity about how to proceed from there (getting a PAC code etc) so I rang back a bit later on and spoke to another lady who was wonderfully helpful. It was agreed that I would leave o2, and she explained what would happen next in terms of the network disconnecting etc.

I’ve had no confirmation from o2 since that I am actually leaving! The closest I got was a text saying they were sorry I was thinking of leaving; it’s not a case of ‘thinking’ of leaving, I’d decided on it and spoke to two o2 operators about it, one of whom confirmed for certain I was leaving. What I presumed was my final bill came out today (a month after I rang and asked to leave), but according to the o2 bill my next bill will be shown on the 16.12.20. Is that correct? It doesn’t say anywhere on the app about it being my final bill. When can I expect the network to disconnect?

Just a bit confused and don’t want to pay a small fortune for another month of o2 when I asked to leave a month ago. Is there absolutely anywhere on the app that confirms when one is leaving the network? Any suggestions welcome! Thank you
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Re: How can I tell if my ‘leave request’ was ever confirmed?!


Just get your PAC to keep your number and give it to the new network.

Once your number ports to the new network, your O2 contract will end immediately.

You will be billed up to that point.

Guide: How to get your PAC 2019 Update 

Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

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Re: How can I tell if my ‘leave request’ was ever confirmed?!

@Hiraeth If you want to keep your number and have been given a PAC, just give the PAC to your new provider. That will end your contract. Don't cancel your Direct Debit with O2 until you receive a final bill for your air time. If you didn't receive a PAC, here's how to get one: Cancelling your contract - An updated guide - O2 Community


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Re: How can I tell if my ‘leave request’ was ever confirmed?!

Additionally, if you DON'T want to keep your number and just close the o2 account, you can request a STAC and give that to your new provider.

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Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here