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Fraud squad no communication

My partner joined o2 from EE last week. Then she was told phone had been recalled and fraud squad now involved last Saturday 13.02. Despite many many attempts my partner cannot get any feedback from fraud squad. Online chat, cust service etc keep advising email fraud squad. Done that 4 times still no feedback.
Now Thurs 18.02. No idea whats going on.
I've been with o2 >20 years, now thinking of leaving, don't wanna deal with companies like this.
Anyone else have similar rubbish experience?
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Re: Fraud squad no communication


The fraud team are not customer facing, and it can take a while im afraid for them to complete investigations, and unfortunately under some of the UK laws regarding fraud, money laundering etc, they can not tell you anything as that is classed as "tipping off"

Companies do have the right and indeed to do to make sure all transactions are process in accordance with laws and their own policies, so something has been flagged on your partners account, or credit score, I would check if there are any CIFAS markers.

All you can do im afraid is wait.

In will though tag @O2Lisa and @O2Korey to see if they can offer any further insight
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Re: Fraud squad no communication

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thanks for the tag @madasaf1sh , i will pm you @Fraudsquadhelp