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Re: Early Termination Fee

Hello @TristanHamilton, glad to see you back and that all was an error in the cancellation process. smiling let us know if we can help you more Wave 


Thanks so much @jonsie@MI5 and @Anonymous for helping kissing heartkissing heartHero

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Re: Early Termination Fee

I was told yesterday i would not have to pay a cancellation fee or any fee of that sort to cancel my contract today.


i have rung up today and now been told i ahve to pay


surely being told i dont have to pay means i dont have to


whats the difference between his and walking into a shop and something being labelled £30 but the till says £60. they legally have to sell it to you for £30.


if someone could get back about where i stand because this is ridiculous being told two different things



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Re: Early Termination Fee

@cancellation If you are cancelling your contract early or upgrading then you must pay what is left of your current device plan or contract. You agreed to the t&c






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Re: Early Termination Fee


Whoever told you that you wouldn't have to pay was misinforming you. Anyone who cancels their contract early has to pay the remainder of their contract.

You gave an example, I'll give you another one.

Say you applied for a contract for a phone costing £900 and decided after a month you wanted to cancel, do you honestly think anyone would allow you to walk away with a phone of that value without paying for it?

Follow the information above on Cancellation.

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