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EU roaming changes?

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Hi, has anyone heard of an announcement from 02 when they they will be stopping roaming costs in the EU?  The papers have been full of the news of networks having to stop roaming charges "starting from June 2017", but I can't find anything on the O2 website.

Off on holiday to Corfu at the end of the month and hoping it might mean I don't need to use O2 Travel.

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O2 will be making the changes and updating the wording on the 15th June.


if you go away on the 15th June the app may have the wrong wording or if you go to the EU on that date, may be sent wrong welcome SMS.  It will just be because they are updating everything but it's not instant.  Charges shouldn't apply tho as the billing system should be updated and ready for the day of switchover. Normally at 11.59.59 on 14th June.


it is however possible odd charge may slip through due to glitches, but if u call o2 they should refund it and look into the issue too.


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