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Delinking nightmare

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My airtime plan can be delinked, as per my contract and o2's website terms, after a 24 month period. I have paid these 24 installments and requested the airtime to be delinked for my number  and was told to do this on or after 24th March, following the 24 payments.

I attempted to do this by the o2 live chat on March 24th but it was not resolved.

The 25th March I tried again by chat and was told that delinking isn't possible atall. From an employee at 9.22am on chat: "There is no such possible option. Clear your device plan and then we can cancel your airtime plan which will also cancel your  contract. There is no way around to process your request "

Later that day, I called o2 and spoke to a lady at 11.05am who, eventually, said that I can delink the airtime and continue the outstanding device plan statement for 12 months. She said she'd speak to a manager and get it done but emphasised that she didn't know how to do it. Following the chat with her manager,  she said my airtime had been delinked and gave me a reference number.

She then said the outstanding 12 payments for the device plan will continue and that the airtime tariff will end. However, Gill in the Payment Management debt looked this up today (27th March) and showed be proof that the whole contract had been cancelled and not just delinking of the airtime:

25/03/2024 Deactivation Acceleration Processed 25/03/2024 £357.18


Yesterday morning I received a threatening email from o2 saying the outstanding £357.18 for the device plan must be paid within 14 days.

I called o2 and they confirmed this is an error made by them, but I have spent all day trying to resolve it.

I was told to speak to the Payment Management department as they could set up an installment plan for the outstanding 12 month device plan payments. The guy there was told I would need to take out a new contract, then told this isn't correct.

Online chat with o2 said the account would be reactivated - Payment management say this has not and cannot be done.

Online chat with a manager of 25th March at 15.48 said:

Hello. I'm the manager on the floor. I am sorry to know that correct actions were not taken on the account previously, let me have a quick look into the account and help.
Thank you for your patience and waiting whilst connecting to us.

I have checked the details on your account and see confirm that we have already placed a request to re-connect the number. I would request you to please wait till the contract is activated. Once this is done, we will placed a request to delink the airtime for this account so that you can continue paying monthly instalments for the device plan.

This has been proven untrue.

I am distressed and upset by the threatening termination email sent and would like a full apology and a decision from o2 on how to resolve this awful situation caused by failures in their staff, their abilities and of it nothing to do with me.

O2 cancelled the full contract themselves, thereby breaking the contract I made with you.

I am now in a position where I have no idea what to do due to all the lies and miscommunication.The upset and distress this is causing is despicable. O2 breached the contract, so they should take the hit of the loss of the outstanding payment due to the numerous fails in their process, staff and training.
I received a call on Wednesday 27th Match at 14.26 from the Customer Service dept at o2. The man I spoke to informed me that my number would be reactivated within 24 to 48 hours. (It hasnt)
28th March I contacted o2 by chat to get an update to which I was told: 
"reconnection for this number is not possible. We can only assign the number again however we will not be able to reinstate the device plan. Do you wish to proceed with this?"
And so, I asked another person on o2 chat who said:
"Hello  I'm sorry for the trouble you had to face as a customer due to the experience received overall.
I see that information regarding your query has already been provided by the previous agent and was accurate. Reconnection for this number is not possible. We can only assign the number again however, we will not be able to reinstate the device plan".
I queried this - again- and was told:
"I do get your point completely, however, I am sorry as it not possible and the only option we've is take a new contract."
The Payment Management dept told me yesterday that a new.contrsct isn't.possible just for paying the device plan off.
Payment Management told me the previous day to email Accessforyou and also to complete the online.form (he text the link) as.they would.get back to me help with this situation. 
However, they today emailed me to say:



You would need to contact the on Payment Management team directly on 0800 902 0217, or call 202 from your handset.

This channel is for customers that are not able to call in 

...and.directed me back to them who have already said they can' anything!
At this point, this whole situation is making me very upset, anxious and stressed and all for O2s error. disgraceful way to-be treated and.5 days on, there is still  no sign of any resolution,
The ombudsmen will have a field day with this. I have a copy if ny contract, requested transcripts o all the calls and have screenshots of all online chats. 
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@Arachnakid - looks like your post was squirrelled away by the Forum Spam Filter, and released earlier today - hopefully you have found a way forward by now?

Guide: How does O2 Refresh work? 

(Which you may have read already). Good luck!

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and another @Dave-O2 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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