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Default Notice

I have had default notices threatening legal action and repossession of our iPads for a bill that is a month late.


The worst customer service in my life. I tried to call them three days ago about trouble paying my bill. I couldn’t get through. I contacted them on live chat to be told to call 202. When I pointed out that my account was for an iPad not a phone they didn’t seem to understand that I couldn’t call 202 from an iPad or a phone with another service provider. Then they gave me a number to the automated payment line - it only allows you to pay - nothing else. So then they gave me another number which I’ve been calling for three days but sit for five minutes going through a series of automated menus before the line says “Bye! Thank you for calling O2” then hangs up. I’ve contacted them again today on live chat waiting ten minutes sometimes for a response. After an hour their solution? Call the number again - that should sort it out. Not good enough. I have mobile phone accounts with EE. They answered the phone in four rings and arranged a hold on payments in a three minute conversation. O2 are clearly pathetic.


is there anybody at O2 that can help?

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Re: Default Notice

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Re: Default Notice

Hi @Gary3 , sorry to hear you had some trouble getting in touch with customer service earlier about your bills. As it's been a few days I hope you managed to sort everything out in the end, but do let us know if you still need any help with this.

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