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Data abroad.

Hello, ive just been to the ukraine. While i was there i used 44mb of data as i needed to contact people on whatsapp. On return ive found out ive been charged 35 pound for using this tiny ammount of data. Ive been charged a few pounds for sending some texts and making some voice calls which i dont mind but i feel like ive been ripped off with the data situation. Its extortionate. I feel let down by o2 to be honest and im regretting opening a contract with them. Is this usual to pay this much for such a tiny ammount of data when your out the country.


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Re: Data abroad.

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Data outside of EU is charged at £7.20 per mb.
All covered in the help pages.


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Re: Data abroad.

@Mkirby1981 wrote:

 Is this usual to pay this much for such a tiny ammount of data when your out the country.

Being as the (EU imposed) cap restricts additional data spends to £40 per month - I guess most people in this situation would've used the whole 50mb.

Much more exciting back in the day with no caps people with self activating data connecting iPhones came home to bills of many hundred or thousands if they used their data wi**y-nilly.