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Changing phone, keeping sim only contract

I’m currently on a sim only contract but need a new phone, if I get a new one before the end of the contract can O2 put in a new sim that fits into my new phone, getting ride of the old sim and carrying on my contract as normal and keeping my number (so not restarting the contract) are there any restrictions to the type of sim O2 can’t provide? If they can does that phone have to be from O2 or can I get it elsewhere? Thankyou
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Re: Changing phone, keeping sim only contract

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Hi @Tia yes, any O2 shop will provide the correct sim with your details on it.

You can get the phone from anywhere but it needs to be unlocked or on the O2 network.

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Re: Changing phone, keeping sim only contract

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If you are on a sim only contract you can use any phone. This wont affect your tariff at all

I have been sim only for years now and have swapped my phone three times.

If the sim fits your new phone just use that....if not, you can go instore get a new sim and O2 will swap it over for you.

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Re: Changing phone, keeping sim only contract

Call into any O2 store and they will supply you the correct size sim and transfer your details and number. You may find your present sim can be pressed out to a nano sim if necessary.

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Re: Changing phone, keeping sim only contract

@Tia Most phones these days use nano sims. If that's what you have already, no need to do anything except put your old sim in your new phone. If your old sim is too large it may be a mini sim, so check to see if there are perforations on the sim, as you may be able to just pop the nano sim out of the mini and still use your old sim. Should any of that not work, an O2 store will give you the right sized sim and put all your account details and correct tariff on it.