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Calling from Morocco

Can I use my data and minutes to call from Morocco?
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Re: Calling from Morocco


Yes, but it's not cheap:

Standard Rates

Our Pay Monthly customers will be charged at the following rate when calling or texting from this country.

Making a local call to landlines or mobiles will always be the same price as calling home when you're abroad.

Sending a picture message (MMS) costs 55p and it's always free to receive a text.

When in:  Morocco     Calling:  United Kingdom (UK)

Making calls - per minute£2.00
Receiving calls - per minute£2.00
Sending texts - per message50p

Cost per MB of using data:

Data usage£7.20*

* O2 will automatically cap your data usage to £48 (50 MB) a month whilst you're abroad

Find out more about using data abroad.

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Re: Calling from Morocco

Hi @Manish 

Unfortunately Morocco isn't part of the EU so these are the rates here



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Re: Calling from Morocco

Unfortunately not as it isn't part of the EU. Best option is wifi and Whatsapp for calls.