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Calling and texting abroad

I need to send texts to my boyfriend in cyprus while he is on holiday for a week. How much will it cost me to send and receive? Im on pay monthly unlimited texts. Can we use imessage as we both have iphones? Thanks
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Re: Calling and texting abroad



Calling a Cyprus landline: 40p

Calling a mobile in Cyprus: 40p

Sending a txt message: 20p


iMessage will only work (and be free) if both of you are connected to Wifi, otherwise I believe it will send a txt message instead.

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Re: Calling and texting abroad

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sending a sms to a uk phone anywhere in the world is free it only costs to send an international sms to a non uk phone


and for him to reply non imessage will be 7p if in southern cyprus or 40p in northern cyprus and note northern cuprys is non eu data at £6 a mb

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Re: Calling and texting abroad

If you are a calling or texting a UK network phone anywhere in the world both minutes and texts will come out of your allowance. Receiving calls and texts will also be free for you.


Your boyfriend will be charged for receiving calls but not texts, presuming he is using a UK simcard.