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Hi. I’ve been abroad for the last three months and have turned my Uk number off. However I still got charged very high. Would it be possible to check this? Also I will be away for few more weeks so would it be possible to mute my number during this time so that I don’t get charged again? Kind regards
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Re: Bill

Hi @Ck1 

@I don’t think they will allow you to suspend your account so best to keep phone off if not using it. 

You can check your charges in your MyO2 or by contacting customer service Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Re: Bill

You can't mute your number. You will need to continue paying your contract every month unless you cancel it and pay any cancellation charges.

Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

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Re: Bill

@Ck1  What do you mean you turned your UK number off? As said, you will have to pay your monthly charges whether you use the number or not. If you want to avoid incurring extra charges while you're abroad, take the sim out of your phone and use a local sim.