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Address change

So 12 months ago, I change my billing address on the phone because I didn’t have access to the phone, it’s my daughters but I don’t have access due to a messy divorce. I set up a secure phone password on the account and I have moved again but O2 won’t change the number on the phone this time without a text message, I even spoke to the line manager but still no help, what is the point of a secure verbal account password?? So, I have to visit a store now, what a waste of time and a pain in the ...
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Re: Address change


Obviously it's for security reasons to stop just anyone calling in to change account details.

Can you not make the call to change address when you are with your daughter or get here to text the code to you immediately if you can't be with her?

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Re: Address change

You do normally have to receive the text message. It's security to ensure that you have the phone in your possession. If the account is in your name then present id at your store. I don't see a problem. Secure password or not, extra security is vital don't you think?
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Re: Address change

That’s the problem, I am unable to see my daughter and she is not responding to my texts. I have an account with Vodafone and have the option to send the text to a different mobile which o2 don’t do. I thought the secure verbal password would do the trick, I have login details, my bank details, etc. Seems way over the top, when I can give all the details over the phone, why not charge a £1.00 to my bank if I gave them card details if there so worried. Going to have to face stupid questions at the shop now