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02 travel inclusive zone

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Hi all hope you can help.


My husband and I will be going to the USA in December, both have o2 phones with 02 travel inclusive zone included already (the joy of expensive contracts).


i get that we get 120 mins & texts a day...however that not as useful for us. my question is quite how much data we have to use within this without being charged.


We both have 30gb per month that we barely use 5 gig of each, so do we just get our usual allowance of 30 gig, or is it unlimited? or is it limited to an amount per day/week/month. 


also obvously we have 4g, are we expecting a similar speed over there? or is it limited?


finally do we have to connect to a specific US network?


thanks slight_smile

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Hi @Pincess_Ceri 

To be honest, O2 speeds in the US are useless. You would be better off getting a PAYG sim from Three or EE. Or using a local sim when you get to the US. At&T or T Mobile are he ones you should use if choosing a local sim

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Travel inclusive is useless in the States. Its almost unusable. A Three sim or local sim is the only way you will be able to use data there I'm afraid. O2 throttle the hell out of data. Sorry 🙏 

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@Pincess_Ceri  I am in the US, and I completely agree with @Cleoriff and @jonsie Take their advice.


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Hi @Pincess_Ceri 


I have just come back form the US and I can confirm the data speed is useless - it is really unsuable and there will be no 4G speeds available, or to be honest, any decent speed. It did not work for us at all - it was ridiculous.  I can not stress how bad it is.  I have 3 handsets recently signed up to 25Gb data + travel inclusive and they were all basically redundant for the 15 days we were there.  Calls were dropping, Whats app didn't work properly, they seem to block certain ssocial media apps anyway so the only way I could use my phone properly was to find Wifi.  It was frustrating and despite my optimistic best efforts to contact O2 whilst being in the US, nothing improved the service and I just wasted more time on the phone/chat with them.  


I have since filed a complaint and as cited previously by their Customer Service agent whilst I was struggling with service in the US, they have said:


" we're unable to guarantee service as you're outside of the UK and connected to a foreign network".


I feel that is their get out clause...

I really wouldn't mind if it was slower service as long as it still worked....but the data speeds were not usable at all. Download speeds were 0.50 Mbps and uploads speeds were worse than that.


They have offered me £30 as a 'final offer' / goodwill gesture but I am unhappy O2 are selling a service which does not work and that I am now tied in for a furthr 10/11 months.   New customers are signing up all the time based on the promise of being able to use their data in the US, but from my experience,  it is  inaccurate and misleading for O2 to claim you can use your data allowance as you would at home, when O2 know the service does not work. My phone showed two or three bars of 4G or strong 3G most of the time, but basic webpages did not ever load let alone app usage.  I have my home security system in the UK set up on my phone so I can check the security cameras/alarm etc....and I couldn't ever get the app the load. I gave up using it as it was just wasting my time. I had the pleasure of BA cancelling my flight home too which would have been a total disaster trying to rebook flights etc if I didn't have access to Wifi. There would have been no way I could have rebooked my flights relying on O2's service.


I'm travelling again to the US soon ( I will have to take a PAYG 3 SIM) and then to Europe. I really don't know what to expect in Europe now given the terrible experience I have had in the US.


So @Pincess_Ceri please don't expect it to work! Take the advice of others in the community and have other options.

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It will work in Europe, I can confirm that...

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Welcome to the forum @Pincess_Ceri!


What an exciting trip you ahve planned, whereabouts in the US are you heading? I hope all the info above answered your question, but please let us know if we can help with anything else slight_smile

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