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02 Are Trash

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I have had my phone stolen by the police I need a new 1 sent out and there is no way of contacting 02 threw the chat THEY ARE USELESS. NO HELP WHAT SO EVER. I AM Not Happy. I Have a been a paying my bill for over 3 months and not used my phone 1se 

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Re: 02 Are Trash

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If you want to contact O2, you’re best off ringing pay monthly customer service on 0344 809 0202 or PAYG on 0344 8090222  If you ring first thing you stand a better chance of getting through without a long wait! 

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Re: 02 Are Trash

@rythemgangstar Your post doesn't make a lot of sense. The police don't steal people's phones. If the police have confiscated your phone for some reason, it's highly unlikely that O2 will provide you with a new one, but I guess you may as well try. As you obviously have internet access, you would be able to contact Live Chat, but not at this time of day. You can also call customer service for free from any phone on 0800 032 1402. 8-8.30 am is the best time to call if you want to avoid a long wait on hold.


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Re: 02 Are Trash

Hey @rythemgangstar to clarify things around this one I wouldn't advise reporting the handset as stolen. O2 have a process for dealing with Police retained handsets and will be able to arrange a new sim for you. Please contact customer services and explain the situation and they will be able to help. 


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