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charged for unsent texts

my phone says texts not sent but o2 chat says they were. Why can't I access my usage to see what it says ?

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Re: charged for unsent texts

This information isn't available in My O2 unless you have a specific number of texts as an allowance.

Precede each text with *0# in the text body to get a delivery report

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Re: charged for unsent texts

@stewart The only way on PAYG is a subject access request which will cost you £10.00 

Have you checked with recipient to see if text was delivered?

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Re: charged for unsent texts

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Did you have full signal at the time the messages were sent. Sometimes messages will not send & a red marker or undelivered message will appear 

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Re: charged for unsent texts

Just to point out a Subject Access Request is now free under the GDPR regulations, and can take upto 40 days to be provided.

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Re: charged for unsent texts

1. made a subject access request to O2 on 2nd April, no reply not even an acknowledgement.


2. not going to spend more money and time trying to find out if message was received (problematic anyway as texts sent to BBC)


3. My phone still showing messages as unsent


Would like to know WHY this info isn't available in my account, surely it's not not efficient for O2 to waste time to respond to subject access requests