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Topup history?

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So my wife tried to top up my phone via her PayPal, sent £30 which never came through to my o2 account, she is in the process of disputing that with PayPal but I wondered if I can get a copy of my top-up history (pay as you go) for just the last couple of days? Or even just today as proof that I didn't receive it? I tried calling o2 support who was no help plus I couldn't understand most of what he was saying anyway, all he kept saying was that he guarantees me that o2 didn't receive that £30.....well yeah I know that otherwise it would have been on my account, but I don't think his word is going to be viable proof for PayPal...

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There's nothing available in your MyO2 for PAYG so not much you can do.

If you can, check the number that was entered for the top up as that is a common mistake.

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