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Pay As You Go

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Help about pay as you go.

Hi does anyone know is o2 keep the pay as you service going? as I have been told from a virgin media store that they have stoped the pay as you go service and they said that all mobile networks mite be stopping the pay as you go service.
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Re: Help about pay as you go.


That's a typical con from VM to get you to move to their network.

They will try anything!

No network will stop PAYG.

O2 have stopped their classic tariff but all big bundles still remain.

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Re: Help about pay as you go.

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Re: Help about pay as you go.

More than likely just VM trying to con you in all honesty, i cannot see why O2 (or any network) would stop PAYG, for what its worth, my dad is on PAYG with O2 and has not had any notice of the service stopping, i would be shocked if that ever happened so i think you can ignore that claim!