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Im posting my phone off for repair , I've been told to pop it into a jiffy bag with just my name and claim number on the envelope 'is this all I need to write ?? Will they know its my phone and where to return it 

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Re: repairs

Hi @jessica2212 


Just to be on the safe side and put your mind at rest, I'd put a note with your full name and address in the envelope, though your claim number should tie up with your name and address


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Re: repairs

@jessica2212 yes that is all you need to put on the bag. 

Is it being collected by DPD?

If so, they will scan and photograph it on your doorstep and place it into another shipping bag which is already labelled up with all your details.

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Re: repairs

That is sufficient but send it recorded delivery or registered mail. We've had dozens of instances where the phone has been lost by the delivery or the repair centre  You then have proof and claim against them or Royal mail. 

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Re: repairs

@jessica2212 Also, if you can, take photos of the condition of the phone yourself. If you search the forum you will find O2 Repairs do not have a good reputation.


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Re: repairs

I’d recommend you send it off to the phones manufacturer for repair rather than O2
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Re: repairs

Hi @jessica2212 

All sounds so simple.

Record everything, 

send recorded signed for

take photos of the phone (get some-one else to record these with you if necessary)

take the imei number of your phone

Better safe than sorry, you should be in full control.

Is a jiffy ok? I would wrap if in bubble (unless this is forbidden?) Post Offices handling can be rough.

I would also enclose full details name address claim number etc. too on the inside.

I would do this wherever I sent it.

Best of luck and take care TallTrees