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microsoft authentication app


I cant download the microsoft authentication app on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, is says its incompatable

I need this to access work emails outside the office.

Any advice please



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Re: microsoft authentication app

Your note 2 is probably too old and incompatible.
Your 2 options are get a new phone or try to find the app on Google and sideload it.
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Re: microsoft authentication app

I think KK 4.2 was the last os update on the Note 2 from memory of owning one so yes no easy answer I'm afraid. I think maybe if you need to access work emails your only option would be to treat yourself to an upgrade. Shame really because the Note 2 is a damn good phone.

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Re: microsoft authentication app

There is always the old Microsoft Account App, which Authenticatior replaced.




That should work but you probably have to install it from a laptop and uncheck the unknown sources button, with the usual caveats about doing so at your own risk.


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Re: microsoft authentication app

Hi @Richard8, did the advice above help you sort this out and access your work email in the end? Let us know how you're getting on with this, and welcome to the forum slight smile

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