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Supposed call from 02- scam?

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Had a call today from this number, 0161 507 2864, claiming to be calling from 02 to discuss discounts on my account. When I asked how I knew he was from 02 he said he could provide me with details but then his 'computer froze' and he said he'd have to call me back.

Anyone know if this is a scam call?


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Re: Supposed call from 02- scam?


It's not a scam, it appears to be from an O2 'trusted partner' https://180info.co.uk/number/01615072864


However, our advice would be to BLOCK the number and don't be tempted to take up anything they may offer you. You will end up on a business contract, which you do not need.

In fact never take any offer of a new device or contract from any cold caller.

Hope that helps and welcome to the forum Welcome


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Re: Supposed call from 02- scam?

Please, also anyone browsing these pages, do not, ever, upgrade from a cold call whoever they purport to be.

Just block the number and if you are wanting to upgrade or change tariff, then it is much better to call 202 or go instore.

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Re: Supposed call from 02- scam?

Hi @HJ, I hope the replies above answered your question, but please do let us know if there is anything else we cna help you with slight smile

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