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Retrieve deleted messages

How can I retrieve old deleted text messages
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Re: Retrieve deleted messages

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Hi @SJP1 


You don't say either what phone you are using or how 'old' the old deleted text messages are. But, as far as I'm aware, unless the text messages were backed up prior to deletion they can't be retrieved once deleted as they are not saved on the O2 servers.


There are free apps that supposedly retrieve deleted texts in the Google Play Store and the App Store for IOS, I believe. But as I back up my phone regularly, I've personally never used them so can't recommend any. Also, I tend to use Whatsapp for messaging rather than SMS as emojis, pictures and video can be included in a message for free.


Our more technical members on the forum may have some suggestions when they come on later in the morning.


Sorry not to be of more help but welcome to the forum Welcome



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Re: Retrieve deleted messages

Hi @SJP1, and welcome to the forum sun


There's some good info above alreayd, but if you give us a bit more information around your device and your situation, we might be able to help further as well so please do drop in when you have a minute Smiley Happy

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Re: Retrieve deleted messages

If you are an Android user @SJP1, @ Google Play Store offers this, which backs up SMS messages sent and received into a label in your Gmail:



Won't help you restore anything deleted before you installed and configured the app, tho. flushed

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