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Issue with o2 referrals


I have bought a phone online through a 3rd party and it’s on an o2 network sim. What should have been a straight forward transaction, is now becoming a annoying.

I have been informed by the 3rd party that I need to contact o2 referrals because my phone is taking a while to come through. Due to some sort of credit check issue. But have no idea what or why.

So I phoned o2 to get the email, only to find out the one they gave me is rubbish it bounces back.

I really want this phone and contract but I’m having great difficulty contacting o2 referrals.

Is there anyone on here from o2 that could help or anyone have experience that could help me.

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Re: Issue with o2 referrals

You can only keep contacting them.

The email address below is valid so make sure you type it correctly, o2 and not O2 or 02


Credit File Referrals Team
Suite P
Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE
Fax 0113 2025865


Customer service should be able to contact them on your behalf though.

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Re: Issue with o2 referrals

Good morning @Mr-Gates, did you get a chance to reach out to the Credit Referrals team? All the details @jonsie shared above should be helpful, but please let us know how you get on with this!

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