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Dishonest and ill informed

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I ordered the iPhone 13 pro max with a case and MagSafe charger, I was emailed to say my charger wasn’t in stock and that it would soon follow, they delivered my phone and case to the wrong address and couldn’t do anything about it as dpd was the ones who didn’t deliver it properly, I would have had to of waited for a couple more days after my delivery to get it sent back and redelivered if it wasn’t for someone going to pick it up from the address for me, they put £10 of credit off my next bill for this and another £30 for the inconvenience, that’s all well and good but I received my MagSafe charger today (1.10.21) to find out that the actual plug that’s specifically designed for the wire and phone was sold separately, this isn’t explained when ordering and I’m not not able to use my phone at all, when I called to ask if they had any in stock they said no and that the cost would be credited to my account, again fair enough, I was told to search for the plug online and “have a Google around to find it” so I did, only to find that O2 have it in stock and could get it by Tuesday!!! This is unacceptable and considering I’ve waited nearly 2 weeks for my whole order and then find out I still need to buy a plug for the wire is a joke!!! To then be lied to and they couldn’t send me out a plug is beyond belief!!! Has anyone else had this issue?? Can someone get back to me, thank you!

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Hello @Adam-Walker I'll send you a private message to help you further with this.

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