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Blackberry Q10 deleting emails

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I picked up my Q10 yesterday morning and noticed it had deleted all my emails from the previous 30 days for no apparent reason.  To make things worse when I accessed my email accounts via webmail from my PC they had all been deleted from the mail server too.

I've looked on the Blackberry support forums and noticed a number of other people have had a similar issue, but nothing on there explaining why its happening.

Thankfully for the gmail accounts I can still get at them in the ALL MAIL folder, but on other webmail services they have gone completely.  Not happy !!

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I'm confused. You say that it has deleted all of your emails from the previous 30 days, including from your webmail, but then say that all of your emails are still in your Gmail. Or are you talking about accounts other than Gmail?


If I understand you correctly though, this sounds as though it is Working As Designed. The device is designed to replicate the contents of your BlackBerry and your something on one, and it reflects on the other. But, that mirroring is within the timeframe as specified by that setting you've found. If you set it to 5 days, you only see on your device a mirror from your server within that time window...set it to 30, and you see it in that time window.


It's not that it "deletes 30 days worth of emails"...rather, it reflects a rolling 30-day window of time ("today" and 30 days prior) between the server and the Hub. But what falls before that time setting should remain on your server, unaffected by this setting. 


Depending on your OS level, you may have a setting of "Forever" that you can set.


I can't find any other mention of the problem you are having online, could you link to some sites?

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@Papdug just to clarify it had deleted the emails from my Inbox, sent and trash folders on gmail.   Luckily gmail has another folder call ALL MAIL which actually keeps a copy of all your emails (even those you have deleted !) so I was able to find them there.

Your logic around "working as designed" would be fine if it had deleted items over 30 days old (but even then I'd expect it just to no longer show them on the blackerry not delete them from the mail server).  However what it actually did was delete the last 30 days emails (everyhting from 22/12 to 22/01), so thankfully I didnt have the sync set to forever or it would have deleted my whole mailbox

Link to issue on BBsupport forum below

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Also found this post from last May (which seems to be where you got your working as designed quote from), but that customer also seemed to have the same issue as myself which is definitely NOT working as designed

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The original poster on the link you highlighted also lost text messages from the Hub so I don't think it is the same problem if you only lost emails from a single account.


Are you calendar entries and contacts still on your phone for this Gmail account?


Out of interest, did you use the "Delete All Prior" in the Hub and so may have accidently deleted all of your emails from the phone? The way BlackBerry 10 works at the moment is that it deletes emails from your account if you delete from the phone. This is obviously different from BBOS where you would be asked if you want to delete from the phone only. Thankfully this option should be coming in the OS update due next week.

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The original poster may have losts texts as well but others have only lost emails.  Also I didnt lose emails from just one account - I access two different emails from by Q10 and lost 30 days of emails from both (exactly the same as one of the other customers in the most recent post).

Also I have never used the "Delete all prior" function in the Hub

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also I didnt lose any Calendar or Contact entries

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Are your emails for the other account in the trashcan or deleted items folder?


It does appear as though this is an issue affecting a small number of Q10 and possibly Z10 users which BlackBerry seem to have been made aware of but haven't released a fix.


The only things I can really suggest are:


1. Ensure you are running the most up to date operating system on your phone.

2. Ensure you have a backup of your emails

3. Try settings the accounts up using the advanced setup and use IMAP rather than the default email setup application.


As I mentioned, this should be resolved next week with the next OS update which will give us back the option to only delete from device.


I'll keep looking to find something that might help but I think you might have to go without the emails you lost, sadly

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Thanks for looking.  Will there be a formal announcement of when O2 will release the latest OS for BB10 ?

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