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Netflix Phishing Scam

Just want to keep everyone informed.



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Re: Netflix Phishing Scam

If the images or links don't originate from a Netflix server then it should be flagged up by a spam manager.

Plus companies like Netflix will never ask you to update your credentials. Unless there is a legitimate reason

e-mail headers contain the origin and server information which can be used to trace where in the world it came from
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Re: Netflix Phishing Scam

Thanks for the heads up @Bambino

Though the first thing to wave a red flag for me is the opening 'greeting'

'Hi Dear' is not the usual way a company addresses it's customers!

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Re: Netflix Phishing Scam

Interesting plus I told my mate not to do anything with Netflix as I hooked up the 12 months free
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Re: Netflix Phishing Scam

As always @Bambino, thanks for a heads up on the latest scam.


I don't have a Netflix account, but why would that stop them, though like @Cleoriff I wouldn't expect to be addressed 'Hi Dear' either in a business communication.


Still always good to know the latest scam doing the rounds. You never know what's going to hit your in box.

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Re: Netflix Phishing Scam