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Merry Christmas everyone! πŸŽ„πŸŽ… πŸŽ‰ 🎁

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O2 Community 2019 Advent Calendar


M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  E V E R Y O N E !  hugging


It's finally 25th December, which brings our Community Advent Calendar to a close. Thanks everyone who have participated in this fun activity and also created some of the discussions this year! It was a lot of fun to organise and I hope you all enjoyed creating and participating in the topics. slight_smile


Thanks again to everyone taking part:


@Cleoriff, @TallTrees, @Mi-Amigo, @Anonymous, @JAZZ-trad, @Anonymous, @MI5, @BOSSGOGG, @Anonymous, @liggerz87, @blissgirl, @Sy, @jonsie, @pgn, @gmarkj, @sheepdog, @Jenniwren, @BobM, @welshsteve76@madasaf1sh, @Bilbo@Chris_K 


Here is the full list of discussions:


1. What do you like best about winter? by @Martin-O2 

2. Christmas time soup ideas πŸ₯£ by @Marjo 

3. Wildlife at Christmas by @TallTrees 

4. The White Room Thursday Quiz - Christmas Special by @Mi-Amigo 

5. Christmas gifs! by @Martin-O2 

6. Family at Christmas time by @Anonymous 

7. Sustainable Christmas tips by @Marjo 

8. Fun facts about Christmas by @MI5 

9. Snow, yes or no? by @Martin-O2 

10. Ice skating at Warwick Castle by @gmarkj 

11. Preparing the Christmas cake by @TallTrees 

12. Merry Jazzy Christmas! 🎡 by @JAZZ-trad 

13. [Game] Anagram Cracker - Christmas Special by @Mi-Amigo 

14. Movies in December 2019 - Advent calendar special! by @Martin-O2 

15. How do you send your Christmas greetings? by @Anonymous 

16. Secret Santa - rules and ideas by @Martin-O2 

17. Spring planting at Christmas by @TallTrees 

18. [GAME] Winter word search puzzle! by @Martin-O2 

19. Keeping pets safe and happy during the holidays 🐢🐱 by @Marjo 

20. What are you eating on Christmas Day? by @Anonymous 

21. Your favourite Christmas Cookies by @Martin-O2 

22. Travelling during Christmas by @Marjo 

23. Christmas decorations by @Martin-O2 

24. Christmas Eve traditions by @Chris_K 

25. Merry Christmas Everyone by @Martin-O2 



Additionally, greetings from Santa santa


In the opening calendar topic we mentioned we were going to try get a hold of Santa to see if he might have a little something for you. We managed to speak with him, even though understandably he is super busy this time of year... 


We managed to get 10 x Β£20 Amazon vouchers! Happy Dance


We'll hold a raffle for the vouchers shortly amongst all participants of the calendar activity, and will let you know who are the lucky winners in this topic. smile

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Hi @Martin-O2
Merry Christmas day hope you are enjoying the fun. That's nice of Santa to pop in some Amazon vouchersπŸŽ…
Good luck everyone β˜ƒοΈπŸ‘

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Happy Christmas mate wink
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Thank you - and @Marjo and @EmilieT [before she left] - for organising the Advent Calendar. It has been great fun. Also thanks for arranging for Santa to gift the Amazon vouchers and wish everyone good luck in the prize draw...

Hope you have a very Merry Xmas @Martin-O2 , and please pass on the same wishes to @Marjo , and @EmilieT  Wave


Girl in a jacket

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Not applicable

Thanks to everyone who created a topic.. I had misery replying to them!

I would say MC but I wouldn’t mean it.. so have a pfft instead!

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Merry Christmas all
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Was good fun also baby sitting a dog as were friend gone she cant take her dog they have 3 dogs were she is so mate and me looking after his sister dog for 2 days maybe 3 not sure but good to have her lol.ruby she called but not sure what breed
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Merry Christmas @Martin-O2 

Great advent calendar and thanks to all involved. Seasons greetings also to @Marjo  and @EmilieT 

It was a lot of fun and though occasionally went waaaaaayyyyy off topic, who cares? A good time was all that mattered.

How nice of Santa to drop off some Amazon vouchers. Very thoughtful, knowing how busy he was last night. heart Happy Dance

*The Game Is On*

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Just like to thank admin for all their work this year, you lot take some managing!!Destroy

Also to everyone, season's very best greetings to you all Fantastic

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  E V E R Y O N E !

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Merry Christmas you guys, hope you all had a good one! πŸŽ„πŸŽ

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