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Family at Christmas time

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My family of dad Roy, mum Olwen and sister Caroline in the family home in West Yorkshire ... lovely holiday at home this time of year ... dad was off work from Christmas Eve to 1 January as it would be then, so he relaxed enjoying his home, well we all did together ... dad loved Christmas = he watched us 3 open our presents on Christmas morning being happy seeing the joy on our faces ... only when all our presents had been opened would my dear dad open his = so we 3 were then happy to see the expression on dad's face.


Family means everything to me, always has ... Christmas time is so special ... we are a small family ... this time of year, when all the stressful stuff has been done, it becomes magical ... well, except the year when mum threw a wobbly and dad volunteered to cook the turkey dinner with help from his 2 daughters ...  *Ahem*  ... dad stuffed the turkey up the wrong end LOL.


Being married, so then there were 2 of us ... then having my son Alex = so then there were 3 of us for a while ... then me and Alex (after divorce) ... now just me and my cat Marty cat.


Marty in Christmas mood


Christmas time often means travelling to family as during my marriage we were regularly moving home around the country with my then husband's career of landscape architect / urban designer ... varying our time with parents and in-laws over Christmas time ... A special Christmas time was when my then husband was working abroad and we lived in the small village of Fleckney in Leicestershire = my mum and dad travelled to be with Alex and me, I loved providing them with hopefully a Happy Christmas ... An extra special Christmas time was when my son and me had our 1st Christmas together here in North Yorkshire.


This Christmas time I shall be with my cat Marty ... my daughter-in-law, a pharmacist, only has Christmas Day and Boxing Day off work ... maybe I shall be able to arrange to visit my son Alex in Leeds going by train. 


Marty in Christmas mood


What are some of your favourite family moments from Christmas time? slight_smile


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A lovely story about family at Christmas @Anonymous 

My Mum and Dad weren't well off but they made sure I never went without at Christmas. Dad didn't like shopping at all so it was always me who bought his presents for Mum. (He gave me the money!!)


When I married and had two boys, our Christmas celebrations (lunch and tea etc) were taken on the day I was off duty. I could only have one day at Christmas, either the 25th OR the 26th. The lads would have their presents on Christmas day, though if I was working, lunch was anything bar turkey.


'Christmas day' (or when I was off duty) was always spent at home. (I always thought it weird to give children presents and then drag them off on a round of seeing relatives).

 I had Mum and Dad come to me. Actually not true, as my sister would have them one year and me the next.


Funniest Christmas memory. One year I had too much to drink and should never have been in charge of cooking. rofl When I came to carve the turkey, I was in tears as there was no turkey breast!!!! Mum was in the lounge and came running when she heard me crying. Oh you fool said she, as she turned the turkey the right way up. (I had cooked it upside down) LOL


It was actually the best turkey ever, nice and moist and not dry. I was never allowed to forget that. It became a standing joke.


Nowadays we eat out. After 45 years of cooking a Christmas meal for everyone, it's nice to no longer have the stress.

Free Christmas lunch for the lonely




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Hello @Anonymous
Loved reading your family Christmas moments. Thanks so much for sharing these here.
Well one year my family went to visit my cousins they had a place right out in the country with what seemed to be loads of kids! We were all quite young about 3yrs to about 7yrs
Gosh that was great we opened our presents about 5am couldn't wait. My cousin thought he would get very well presented for the day. When he had finished he had smoothed his hair down with toothpaste!
What a great day. 🎅☃️🎅☃️🎅☃️🎅☃️


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Hi @Anonymous
Thanks for your message and photos of Marty.
My special moments would be
Walking with my dogs on a wonderful cold crisp Christmas morning. Then falling asleep after a Christmas dinner everyone having had a great day.
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Some lovely stories folks, keep em coming..
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One of my favourite moments from Christmas Eve is, when I was a child, when my first cat got her Christmas present. It was a bowl of shrimp, wrapped in wrapping paper that she excitedly tore open and then enjoyed the shrimp. It always made a mess though, shrimp and shreds of paper everywhere. grin

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I’m just waiting for the Christmas disaster stories!
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It's already been a disaster for me.....


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@jonsie wrote:

It's already been a disaster for me.....

Really sorry to hear that @jonsie . I hope, in some way, things will be better for you soon Cheers 


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@jonsie wrote:

It's already been a disaster for me.....

I'm saddened to hear this @jonsie hugging

I shall be with my cat Marty cat

However, my son Alex rang me today whilst driving home from work - upshot is he is coming over with his wife Emma on 21 December for a festive lunch at Herriots, which is kind of my 2nd home.

I am really, really looking forward to having their company.

I havn't seen them in some time ... so ... it's a great thing 

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