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It may be goodbye

Nice to have helped out in the past


Just waiting for a reply from toby

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Re: It may be goodbye

HUH....Don't like that idea mate. You have given me lots of help in the past so thanks for that, but would be happier if you don't leave Smiley Sad

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Re: It may be goodbye

Hope you don't leave as you are very valuable
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Re: It may be goodbye

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Re: It may be goodbye


Knowledge is power and as such you are an important part of the Community Forum.

There are things that happen that grates in one way or another in all kinds of situations ,but I suggest you look beyond that and find a workaround.

As I've said quite openly moderation is a key part of any open forum and as such if over moderation has occurred then there are steps to come to an amicable resolution.

I'm confident Toby will find middle ground.

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Re: It may be goodbye

Well I'm certainly interested to know what's going on. If this place is becoming akin to North Korea I'm off. SimplesSmiley Very Happy
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Re: It may be goodbye

Whatever has happened I hope it gets resolved. There are a great bunch here and it'll be sad to lose one.
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Re: It may be goodbye

Wow, Just had a post removed myself! WTH??
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Re: It may be goodbye

Join the club Smiley Wink
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Re: It may be goodbye

What's happening?