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Re: It may be goodbye

I'm getting kind of confused now. Let's see if we can clarify the conversations (there are multiple topics discussed here).


@adamtemp64 Indeed it's a community, with some general guidelines (I believe that the consensus is that they're fair). Nobody is dictacting anything, the team is just as bound to the code as everybody else - or a little bit more. We are happy to discuss anything relating to your personal case in private.


@npr It's certainly a big factor, but not the only one. It'd be very unfair if community members got treated differently. I'd even agree with you if this was the classic offence/punishment community, but this is really not the case, not even remotely. We do value everybody's contribution immensely and we have plenty of initiatives in the pipeline to demonstrate that, far more substantial than a new rank. Unfortunately things don't always materialise from concept to deployment in days, but bear with us and you'll see.


@MI5 I hope that your impression of what I think of you guys matches what I've been trying to express, ie that I do value your contributions and opinions very much, and that I believe you carry the responsibility to guide and help the newcomers in their community experience. Been there too, I know what it means.


As I mentioned in the guidelines posts, please guys talk. I try to reach out as much as I can privately but as you can imagine there is a lot of background work that needs to be done to make things happen. Send me a pm, let's engage in constructive conversations.

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Re: It may be goodbye


With respect the pm option is what caused the issues the team that set this community up did a good job but the changes in structure etc after the appointment of your predecessor that are still on this community should give you the clues to why the impression we users got the feeling we were being dictated to.

Please do not put your health at risk (from other comments) and get Toby to deal with it. I hope you get well soon.
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Re: It may be goodbye

Completely agree get better before trying to deal with the discord Smiley Happy

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong. So Ive been told Smiley Wink
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Re: It may be goodbye

Adam, I appreciate your views but not everything that seems like a bad idea actually is. Some positive effects happen in the medium/long term.


However, I do agree that there is a lot of work to be done to improve the community, some has already been initiated by my predecessor, some it's from my own experience and philosophy and in complete contrast with my predecessor's plans. But we need to work together. And I need your feedback and your trust too.


Thank you for your concerns but clearly my presence here was needed today :-) 

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Re: It may be goodbye

what were all these improvements that leonard said would be happening plus what has happened with the live chat training

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Re: It may be goodbye


Firstly, If you're off work sick, let Toby deal with this!

"We do value everybody's contribution immensely and we have plenty of initiatives in the pipeline to demonstrate that, far more substantial than a new rank."

To give you a bit of history. Some of us where given the rank of superuser as a thank you for the work we did here in the O2 forum.
It really wasn't much but it was a thank you from O2.

When Leonard arrived he abolished the "superusers".
So I'm not interested in any more thank you's from O2 they obviously mean nothing.

"It'd be very unfair if community members got treated differently."

Life is unfair. -- re: my previous comment.

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Re: It may be goodbye

please take care of your health though, there are others, not just you

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Re: It may be goodbye

Don't you worry guys, I'm not gonna die for ignoring the doctor's orders for one day Smiley LOL


@npr I'm aware of the superuser story, I got it from both sides and both sides had very valid reasons in their argument. To be honest, I've always run "super user" programmes but to me that's always been far more complex than just a rank name. And far more demanding and rewarding for both the guys and myself. Which means I am pondering, evaluating and considering possibilities. When/if, it depends on various factors, but it wouldn't be just a badge. I'm not in a position to elaborate just yet.


@Stuart We're making changes that will allow us to extend the session duration, which I know is a big pain for you. More to come soon, as usual it's far more complex than you'd expect it to be. The fun! Smiley Happy

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Re: It may be goodbye

Phew !

You guys and gals know I always look for the positives in everything, apart from when I'm having a friendly banter session with MI5 on Android Vs iOS !

We have all been moderated in the past and occasionally been somewhat confused or annoyed at not being told why quick enough ,which in recent times in my experience has improved.

Most if us "old timers" are moderators on other forums so what level of flaming would you allow on that forum ? I've been open minded enough to only have to temp wasteland a couple of members and once agreed to another member that I had been at little enthusiastic in my actions.

It's good to hear from the Staff that the Community is expanding and improving. The proof is in the pudding and I await with eagerness.

I've been watching and engaging in the different threads surrounding the recent events ,and I agree with most of the concerns of members, which I can see the staff are addressing.

I sign up to any forum to learn and help and make good online friends , period.

I will not break forum rules by discussing moderation as set out in the previous and current guidelines ,and don't pretend to know the full ins and outs of what's happened regarding banishment and moderation within PM's.

If its possible for the staff to open talks up with certain members who have gone to see about a return ,then that would be awesome.

We ALL have something to bring to the forum.

We ALL take time out from our life's to help , guide and have some banter.

I cannot control what's happening within 02's internal structure ,and really do feel for the Uk staffs predicament from personal experience from my last employment.

We ALL stand together to support them in the limited capacity we have on the forum ,and I'm sure the staff feel the same.

To any newbies reading these posts / threads please be clear that we as the regulars are purely working with the staff of the 02 Cimmunity Forum to maintain balance ,and to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the boards.

I agree with that we help guide lots of people with issues wether they be self afflicted or through confusion which helps take pressure off 02's Customer Services and Live Chat.
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Re: It may be goodbye

With the advent of the closure of UK call centres and outsourcing to Capita, O2 have already stated that customer service will be leaning to online, such as Webchat & Twitter and they will be relying heavily on the Community to take a lot of pressure off them.


In respect of that I expect big changes are going to come in the near future with maybe the option of O2 employees who have access to customer accounts as has the O2IE Community. It's inevitable that changes happen. Whether the changes are looked on as progress or regress remains to be seen but I'll stick it out a while to see what transpires.


Ultimately, we all do this for different personal reasons, passing knowledge and experience on, helping customers with a push in the right direction and finding good people you can chat to and find common grounds. I like to think there is good camaraderie between the regulars and personally I have made one very good friend through meeting on the forum.


Everyone of the regulars know my personal circumstances as to why I spend quite a bit of time on here but there have been many good, long-time posters who have fallen by the wayside due to the changesover the past 12 months or so. I won't go into specifics as to the reasons why as this isn't the place.


I am myself finding motivation to give up my time more difficult these days but as said, I'll stick around for the time being to see what (if anything!) transpires.