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Re: Great British Bake Off 2019

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Yes I did notice that about Michael @EmilieT.

I think this was definitely the best show I've seen on Ch4.

The result was a shock, a bit like the tortoise and the hare really. As Viridis said, Steph smashed it week in week out and then fell apart when it mattered. (As did Alice)

My personal favourite to win was Alice, simply because Steph was Pauls favourite after Priya went. I disliked the way he only cuddled her after the result, leaving Alice to deal with it on her own (and she had been so worried about her parents getting there)

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Re: Great British Bake Off 2019

Totally agree with all the points you made @Cleoriff .

I hope that Steph and Alice both get some recognition after GBBO and would be great to see both of them [either together or separately] presenting a baking show.

Just a thought... I wonder if there is any chance that Ch4 might do a "Champion of Champions GBBO" [like BGT] with previous finalists going head-to-head - but bring in an independent top baker [other than Paul and Prue] to judge? We`d then get to see Alice, Steph and David take on another set of challenges.

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