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Google Tricks

Some I knew, some I didn't. Still useful though.



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Re: Google Tricks

Yes most of them are fairly well known (to me) and I'm not sure I'll ever use the ones I don't already use. 

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Re: Google Tricks

Well I've definitely learned something. I must admit I do a lot of Google searches but didn't know about advanced search or all the other things you can get Google to do. So thanks for this @Bambino.

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Re: Google Tricks

I didn't know about the "easter eggs", some really interesting things on this one thanks @Bambino smile Do you guys know of any other trick than the barrel roll one? 

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Re: Google Tricks

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It is interesting @Bambino

I found out about the reservation one (re flights) entirely by accident and the fact it gives you info that others sit in airports waiting for.

I could never understand why people seemed to know the gate number of a flight before it was officially displayed. Once I started booking my flights via Gmail, I had access to that information as well.

Very handy at Malaga airport where there is a great distance to walk between B Gate and C gate .wink


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