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50 Years Ago Today

To mark one of the greatest achievements in mankind's history.



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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

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Been listning to bits of Prof Brian Cox and various commentators on BBC R4 earlier - t'is quite interesting to note your average mobile phone probably far outstrips the compute capacity of all the control systems in Apollo 11 at the time!



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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

A wonderful achievement. I have been following it with great interest on every channel this week.

Also something that you remember so many things about what YOU were doing on the day they landed and then walked on the moon

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

2kb of RAM apparently @pgn 

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

It's one of the last spectacular American achievements I remember just months before I arrived in England.


Sat glued to the TV set watching with amazement with millions of others round the world.


And just a few months later Nixon was elected as our next president. That determined my final decision to leave the States; my cruise to Southampton already booked. The election killed any doubts I had about coming here. And I've never looked back.


But I was very proud to be an American on this day 50 years ago. An amazing achievement. Pity we spoiled it all by electing "Tricky Dicky". My mum was visiting here when Nixon bowed out  I laughed, my mum cried with shame. She must be turning over in her grave with Trump as President. He makes Nixon look like a good guy, which he definitely wasn't.

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

Yes very surprising with that amount of RAMπŸ€”

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

.... and we all remember exactly where we were when he uttered those immortal words.... 


I'm only surprised that having achieved such a brilliant feat that they stopped sending more astronauts back. 


Also astounding that no other nation has succeeded in doing what the USA have done. It just shows the magnitude of that happening. Roll on Mars... 

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

I was sitting in the little rocking chair in the dining room of the family home ... glued to the tv & absolutely amazed at what I was seeing 

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

I know we're I was lol I wasn't even born haha
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Re: 50 Years Ago Today