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β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ Summer on the O2 community πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ: Your favourite cool drink?

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Hey guys,


as part of our β€œSummer in the O2 Community” thread we want to see out summer with a bang and post a series of topics related to all things summer time throughout the month!  We'll be posting a summer themed topic every other day for the next month and we'd love to get some input from community members! We already have some volunteers to create content and have a rough list of topics that will be posted. If you'd like to get involved and share some thoughts on summer time, drop me a private message or post below.


pexels-photo-2983100.jpegWhat is your favourite cool drink?


This will probably be the hottest week of the year. Sizzling sun calls for chilled refreshments. So I want to know what is your favourite cool drink?


My personal favourite, general all year remedy and just the most delicious drink of all is an ice cold coke.


But I am pretty sure that we have a lot of fans of a beverage called beer on here. Or are you more sophisticated and like a good glass of G&T or an Aperol Spritz? Do you like your water sparkling or still? And lets settle an age old question: Do you put ice cubes in red wine during the summer?




I want to know what drinks keep you cool during the hot season. What is your lifesaver during hot days? And please share what helps you coping with the heat… I need your help not to melt.

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I think any berries mashed up would work out fine @Marjo 

Add these to your fav. drink, they cool it down and the fruit

goes into the drink.  

Good idea nicer than just water.



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