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Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to the O2 Community for our concert tickets! We had a great night! The concert was brilliant! A1 have such great voices when they sing live!


But I've got to bring something to O2's attention.


My gripes are about the venue. (Sorry but I hate it!)


The doors should've opened at 7pm but they were over 15 minutes late opening, we'd been stood waiting since 6pm because we knew we had to get to the box office to get our tickets. The concert actually started at around 9:15pm so there was a lot of standing about waiting. Trying to wade through people to go to the loo was a nightmare, there was a wall of people stood right in front of the toilets and it became totally impossible once the room was full, even just to get what would normally be about 15 steps to the bar beside us. I dread to think what it would be like if the fire alarm was raised! People would definitely get injured! When the concert ended because we were at the back (we chose to stay at the back so we wouldn't get crushed after a bad experience there at Calvin Harris back in 2008), we had no choice but leave immediately before we got crushed. Still desperate for the loo, we searched about but there was nothing nearby so in the end when the concert had cleared, we asked to go back in to use the loo and the guys on the door agreed, A1 were on the stage tidying up and the meet and greet people were just starting to gather so we got to have a little chat with them so that was a great positive that we wouldn't have had if it wasn't for the bad design!!


I'm not trying to say that we weren't grateful for the tickets, we enjoyed ourselves but the venue is horrific! I really don't enjoy going there. I did say in 2008, never again but I thought I'd give it another chance if I won when I put my competition entry in, as it could've changed but it hasn't. 


My photos were zoomed in and some taken before the place filled and one after it ended so you wont get to tell how rammed that place actually was! 


But all that aside, it was a great concert!Screenshot_20191109-052555_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052400_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052542_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052454_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052334_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052259_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191109-052430_Gallery.jpg


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Re: Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

Thanks for the realistic comments @SamsungFanBoy
Difficult situations at these venues and possibly extremely dangerous if something went wrong.
I have been to concerts years ago but the BEE GEES used a cinema and it was all sitting much better and safer but of course numbers and box office take wouldn't be as massive. For these groups to get huge money their fans have to really suffer. Defo not for me. However glad you had a good time and a little bonus in the end😁

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Re: Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

I agree about the Academy as a venue @SamsungFanBoy Awful.


I went to see The Prodigy there in 2016. Obviously there were no seats. You don't sit at a Prodigy concert (or any other held in that venue.)

I took my sons and their partners. I didn't stay at the back either. Mind you, my time at the front didn't last long, as when the group came on everyone surged forward and a very helpful bouncer thought I may be in trouble (I wasn't) and he reached across the barrier and lifted me over.


Getting to the toilets as you say, was virtually impossible. The queue at the bar was about 6 deep.

However I did have the time of my life. I had been waiting to see the Prodigy for years and until then they only did festivals or open air gigs. So when they did smaller venues in 2016, I wasted no time getting tickets.


Pleased you enjoyed A1 and it must have been great for you at the end.

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Re: Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

Glad you enjoyed the evening despite some of the issues.
Does make me a little nervous as we are there next month, but as that is a comedian i am hoping it will be seated...
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Re: Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

Glad that you enjoyed the gig. One thing worth remembering is that O2 sponsors to venue but is not responsible for the day to day running. It might be well worth addressing your concerns to the venue management.
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Re: Ticket winner: A1 @ O2 Academy Birmingham 02/11/2019

@SamsungFanBoy Thanks for sharing some feedback on how the gig went! I'm glad you had a good time overall but sorry to hear that the venue was less then impressive. It's great to get that feedback though and I'll pass it along to the team. 

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