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Re: Online Chat

@JakesPlace wrote:
Yes, have tried Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Edge - still not able to contact 02!

Lots of people are having problems with live chat @JakesPlace

You could also try Chrome or Internet Explorer.

If all those fail you could also call on 202 (contract) or 4445 PAYG

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Re: Online Chat

Thanks you for your responce, I have tried most internet ... all have the same problem.

Online chat not available at this time!! Web page is a list rather than a readable page of information/pictures.


I have previously tried the 202 number .... was passed around several people, telling them the same issue I was having, back to the original person = issue not resolved. So to save my voice / time, Online chat seems the best option .... WHEN it works.


02 need to get this sorted, the internet provided that is used should not cause the user any problems!!