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Can’t go on the 10£ bundle

Hello. The problem is that I’m trying to change my tariff to 10£ big bundle and I can’t, because on the e-mail shows me that I need to top up my account then I will be able to change tariff. I have 10 pounds in my account, can we fix that?
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Re: Can’t go on the 10£ bundle

Problem solved. Just needed to wait longer.
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Re: Can’t go on the 10£ bundle

Hi @avall , 

I just caught up with your topic here. That's awesome you got this figured out in the end and thanks a lot for coming back to the community to let us know as well. Smiley Happy 

I hope everything's going well now with your tariff but don't hesitate to post again at any point if you need any additiona advice (or just want to have a chat!). 

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