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gold star

Dear 02


I just wanted to send a message to say how delighted I was with the customer service I received in your Slough branch last Thursday 6th December ( not a good day for most people I know!) Katie, the manageress and the rest of the staff were so helpful and courteous and while I was in the store (transferring my data to a new phone) they had to endure alot of complaints about the service being down but stayed polite and calm.  It is rare these days to get good customer service but they definitely deserve a mention - thank you

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Re: gold star

Hi @Juno

What a lovely positive message to hear today (after the mayhem of the network outage)

I'm sure our community managers would pass on your good wishes to Katie x


Welcome to the forum by the way Welcome

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Re: gold star

Brilliant @Juno and a pleasant change from all the negativity that's been around the last few days grin

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Re: gold star

Hi @Juno, that's fantastic to hear! Thanks for letting us know about your experience, we'll pass on your kind comments to Katie and her team smiling


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