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Re: Smashed IPhone Screen O2 Insurance Excellent Service

A couple of years ago I had a bike accident and my phone, which was in my bag, got some screen damage when I fell off on black ice.  I phoned O2 insurance and they were excellent.  I explained what happened and they immediately processed my replacement.  I got my replacement phone within a day or 2.  So I was very pleased.


This was only the second time I've ever claimed on phone insurance. The first time being with Orange before I joined O2 about 15+ years ago. They give me the 3rd degree, TWICE! Before I eventually got a replacement about 3 weeks later.


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Re: Smashed IPhone Screen O2 Insurance Excellent Service

So the higher premium you pay.. the larger the delivery cost. Seems a bit backward, well no.. this is o2 who charge higher prices for the same tariff on more expensive phones..